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How to Create a Strong Call to Action Button


How to Create a Strong Call to Action ButtonWhy should you reinvent the wheel? I’ll just tell you what I’ve found to work, so you can create a strong call to action button that actually helps you to turn website visitors into leads and enquiries for your business.

What is a Call to Action Button?

A Call to Action Button is normally just a image that's sole purpose is to get a website visitor to click on it so they are taken to a conversion page which sells the value of a lead generation offer. In order for your conversion page to convert more people you’ll need to send more people to it, hence you need a strong and effective Call to Action Button or Buttons to drive your website visitors to your conversion page.

Where to Place a Call to Action Button?

1 - Full Header:
On your Home Page or Blog Home Page (or indeed any page of your website), this is great way to give your Conversion page the maximum amount of visits you can. In the below example you can see that this header in black is very prominent, as such the 'Small Business Marketing Report' is one of our most visited conversion pages at

Call To Action Button Example 1   Header resized 600

2 - Below Main Page Text:

Show and tell people what they should be doing next (the example below is not actually a button it is just using linked text, you could replace this with an linked image/button - small or large).

Call To Action Button Example 2   Below Main Page resized 600

3 - Menu (left or right) Column:

Every single page of your website should have a next step… where are you directing your visitor next? Why not direct them to your conversion page?!

Call To Action Button Example 3   Menu Column resized 600

4 - Below Blog Article:

Every single article/post on our website has a call to action button at the end.

Call To Action Button Example 4   Blog End resized 600

NOTE: In our next article we’ll discuss how to create an effective conversion page. After all, there is no point driving all your website visitors to a conversion page that only converts 1% of visitors to leads. One of our conversion pages has conversion rate of 34%, another 42%, we’ll show you which ones and why we believe this is so.

Ensure a STRONG and EFFECTIVE Call to Action Button

Ensuring the button actually works is based on two factors;

  1. the suitability, relevance and strength of the lead generation offer. If the lead generation offer is weak, then even the best designed Button will likely fail, remember to ask 'is the offer relevant and compelling enough to the person viewing your website (hopefully a person in your target market)?', and
  2. the layout and design of the button. Crap design equals crap results, our call to action buttons as displayed above seem to work, so why not use this basic design as a place to start. Are there better designs than ours, sure, could our call to action buttons be better… I bet they could. But we have tested a few different buttons (design quality and layouts), some of the poorer performing examples are even still on our website, and the less clean and professional they look… well, they just don’t get the same traffic to the conversion page. Here are some more example call to action buttons.

How to Create a Call to Action Button

You have a couple of options;

  • Outsource to your website designer or graphics designer or specialist inbound marketing firm
  • You or a member of your team create the button in-house using graphics software, or
  • Use an online Call to Action Button creation tool, many are free

In Short

To generate leads for your business from your website you need to drive people to your conversion pages,. To do this you need strong and effective call to action buttons inserted on your website.

The mimosaPLANET Online Small Business Coaching System provides members with detailed training videos and step by step processes (with downloadable template resources) to help speed up the creation and implementation of quality and effective Lead Generation Offers. 


Action Points

  • Define what you are promoting (your target lead generation offer)
  • Create your Call to Action Button
  • Insert the button across your website


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