Small & Mid-Sized Business Advice, Coaching & Consulting to Grow Your Business

The Ultimate Small & Mid-Sized Business Advisory Partner: Partner with a mimosaPLANET Consultant and together we will grow your small / mid-sized business with our relentless approach to profit and enterprise value creation.

For business owners looking to;

  • aggressively grow their business,
  • increase EBITDA and net profit,
  • maximise enterprise value.

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Small Business Advice Coaching & Consulting

Small Business Advice, Coaching & Consulting

Our Vision is to help provide "Freedom of choice for small business owners accross the globe through knowledge & actions".

If you are looking to increase profits & work less our business improvement systems and our advisory & consulting services are designed to help you achieve greater business results. 

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Mid-Sized Business Consulting & Growth Partners

Mid-Sized Businesses have a more complex make up than small businesses. However, our Premium Consulting services provide you with Business Advice, Coaching, Consulting, Development, Improvement, Planning, Guidance and most importantly Execution Assistance - driving change and accelerating growth, profit improvement and value creation.

We offer services for aspiring entrepreneurs, the self employed, small business owners/managers and business coaches/consultants/advisers. However, mimosaPLANET's focus is to be The Ultimate Small & Mid-Sized Business Advisory Partner to larger small business owners and Mid-Sized business owners seeking to aggressively grow their business, increase EBITDA & net profit, and maximise enterprise value for shareholders.

Contact us today and we can talk frankly about your business, your goals and what value we can add by partnering with you to drive business improvement. Contact Us >